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No matter how good of a job we do, lengthening the life of our roof, there is always the possibility of some type of event causing damage that may very well be unrepairable. That said, not every situation will be as clear-cut as the one in the image below. At AKW, we have seen it all – trees falling through roofs, fire damage, high winds, hail, and even "home repair" attempts gone horribly wrong. It is because of this vast knowledge and experience that we are able to assist you in determining when you need a repair job versus when a total roof replacement is necessary. Click the link below for invaluable information you can use to help you figure out who to call next!

​​If we are completely honest with ourselves, most of us only look up at our roof after a storm, when there is a leak, or if it is on fire. That said, how do you keep something, so rarely given any attention at all, in the best shape possible to maximize its longevity? Click the link below for free information regarding the life of your roof and how to lengthen it substantially.

OK, so now that you have maintained your roof as long as possible or some type of event has made it certain that a complete roof replacement is imminent, how do I go about getting the very best roof for my money? There are many factors involved in selecting the right roof and roofing company. The environment around your home, typical weather patterns, sunlight vs. shade, warranty, and quality of craftsmanship during installation are only a few. Trust us, you do not want to get the best price for the worst roof or roofing service quality. Click on the link below to receive important information regarding roof and roofing company price shopping.