Expert Roofing Services Backed by 20+ Years

At AKW Roofing & Exteriors, our commitment to excellence spans over 20 years, ensuring that every roofing project receives unparalleled service. Utilizing top-tier materials and backed by certifications from industry giants like GAF Materials Corporation, CertainTeed Corporation, and Owens Corning we guarantee the highest roof replacement, maintenance, and installation quality. For those seeking a more rustic aesthetic, explore our authentic cedar and slate roofing options available throughout Tulsa, OK.

Ensuring Trustworthiness for Property Owners

For property managers and owners, selecting reliable vendors is crucial. Vendor Credentialing provides comprehensive verification, including background checks, corporate status, and insurance validation. This empowers informed decision-making and minimizes risks such as substandard work, fraud, and potential hazards. Contact us to confirm if AKW Roofing is an approved vendor for your property. Learn more here.

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Experience the Essence of Excellence

Discover the epitome of a superior roofing contractor by reaching out to us today. Our highly trained professionals strongly believe in the fusion of quality materials and dedicated workmanship to achieve the best results. Serving both residential and commercial clients across Tulsa and its surrounding areas, we provide top-notch roofing services.

Elevate Your Roof's Safety and Durability

Enhance your safety and ensure long-term durability with our multiple enhanced warranties. Our expert team offers essential upgrades, such as proper ventilation, to extend your roof's lifespan. Explore our range of extended warranties tailored to specific products, promising decades of durability.

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Your Shield for Home Protection

At AKW Roofing & Exteriors, trust and security are paramount. We carry comprehensive insurance coverage for general liability and workers' compensation, safeguarding you, your home, your business, and our workers. From re-roofing to repairs, maintenance, inspections, and various exterior services, we work closely with residential and commercial clients. Collaborating with insurance adjusters, we ensure accurate claims processing, embodying our commitment to perfection with every job. Dive into our comprehensive range of roofing and exterior services.